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Lead Generation

Two places you should generate leads but don’t… Here’s how.

26 Content Marketing Experts to Follow in 2015

When creating and maintaining your online presence, there are two oft-neglected areas in particular that can be a gold-mine of lead generation – if you know how to use them! Blogs and social media sites can both be a great way to get in touch with prospective leads and get them on the path to using your services, but without a bit of thought and care they can quickly turn into useless wastes of time – for you and your visitors. Here’s how to unlock the potential of these powerful marketing tools!

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Digital Marketing

3 ways to derail your online image… and how to fix them, right now!

The Complete Guide to Social Media Measurement for Small Businesses

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and even the most savvy companies can make bad decisions, leading to a loss of trust and confidence from potential clients. Here’s a quick look at three mistakes that can damage your online image, and the ways to bring people’s perceptions of your business back in line with reality.

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What in the World is Agile Marketing?

Steps Toward Developing A Content Strategy 01

When it comes to creating a marketing plan for your company, the most common choice is to come up with a strategy and a detailed plan for the next twelve months. But with the online world evolving the world of marketing at a rapid pace with no rest, you might be putting your company at risk of obscurity by being too organized.

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Social Media

CLM Through Social Media

How to Spend Less Than an Hour a Day on Email Marketing

In most customer sales-based situations, heavy emphasis seems to be placed upon acquiring the customer. You build rapport, deliver the pitch, beat the objections, sign the papers and move to the next one. Unfortunately, unlike in a client-based sales situation, the correspondence ends here. Seldom is there a follow-up meeting to gain insight and potentially increase your business with the customer. More often than not, all a previous customer needs is a little bit of a helping hand towards their next buying decision, and chances are your competitors are right there.

Enter the art of customer lifecycle management, and the many ways you can create powerful customer interaction strategies through social media use.

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Social Media

Top 5 Social Media No-No’s (and how to avoid them!)

Looking for Developers Try This Geeky Community

Social Media is a very powerful business tool, but history has shown that slight misuse or mismanagement can result in a whole conundrum of negative press for your company. Based on real examples (but no naming and shaming here!), here are the top five social media no-no’s and how you can avoid them!

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Social Media

Social media – changing business for good!

How to Promote Your Business Events on Facebook

In the earlier days of social media use, many companies were not working the technology to its potential, some refusing to adopt it at all. As companies began to slowly integrate social media into their strategies, it was used predominately as one-way communication to sell, sell, sell. Finally, though, it seems that many companies are willing to break the traditional mould that they were so set in following, and social media has started to generate and nurture leads for many cutting-edge B2C companies! In our study of social media, let us analyse the fashion industry which has shown fantastic progression over the years, turning social media into the sales generator it is today.

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Social Media

#Hashtag your way to Social Dominance

Everything You Need To Know About The Google-Twitter Partnership

You see it all over social media sites. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, users are using these ‘tags’ as a form of communication, it’s a way of life. But what is it? How do we use it? Most importantly, how does it benefit my business? If you’ve never used them before, allow me to introduce you to…

The Hashtag!

If you’re not using it, you better start.

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Inbound Marketing

Closing Deals, the Inbound Way


When I talk to many business owners, I seem to find that they all tend to have one prevailing issue in common, and it’s an issue that many companies fail to pick up on – closing online leads. Generating these leads is easy, however nurturing and closing them is difficult. The problem lies in the quality of these leads, and how sales-ready these leads are.

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Web Design

The Top 5 Ways to Re-Ignite your Website!

Google User Experience As A Ranking Signal Is Currently Only For Mobile Results Not Desktop Results

We’ve all been there. All the time and money you’ve invested into your brand-spanking new website is finally going to show results. This baby is ready to go live, and you cannot wait to show the world wide web what you’ve got!

Fast forward six months, and it appears your site just isn’t living up to your expectations. You expected a lead generator, and what your company ended up with was a beautiful looking website that was absolutely static in nature. So what do you do when your website loses its mojo? Take a look at my top 5 ways to re-ignite your website!

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Social Media

Ink Business with LinkedIn!

about me

LinkedIn, the 9-5 social network dubbed the “Facebook” for business. So with 47% of small businesses registered and 43% of marketers in the U.S obtaining at least one new customer through the network, why has 41% of the American population claimed ignorance to this site? There are still a great deal of people who make the mistake of seeing LinkedIn as the “set and forget” social network.

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